Sep 15, 2010


Garlic Is Good For Health and Best When Fresh!!!

  • Sep 15, 2010
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  • GARLIC has long been recognized for its health because its high amounts of antioxidants – and it’s been touted as particularly good for heart, which has prompted many to take garlic supplement or add dried garlic to their food. But now research shows that its healthful properties are even more potent when it’s freshly crushed or cut. And its benefits aren’t because of the many antioxidants as once thought, according to researchers from the Cardiovascular Research Center School of Medicine. Garlic contains hydrogen sulfide, described by scientists as a “chemical messenger in the body” that increases blood circulation. It’s created after chopping or crushing via a chemical reaction but when it’s processed or cooked, hydrogen sulfide is lost. When eaten, it has been shown to relax blood vessels, allowing increased blood flow. In the study, lab rats were fed freshly cut or processed garlic prior to enduring simulated heart attacks. While both types of garlic helped reduce damage to the heart, the rats that had consumed fresh garlic had a much better recovery, with more blood flowing back into their hearts.

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