Oct 6, 2011


Phnom Penh History

  • Oct 6, 2011
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  • Phnom Penh first became the capital of Cambodia after Ponhea Yat, King of the Khmer Empire, moved the capital from Angkor Thom after it was captured by Siem (known as Thia) a few years earlier. There are stupa behind Wat Phnom that house the remains of Ponhea Yat and the royal family as well as the remaining Buddhist statues from the Angkorean era. There is a legend that tells how Phnom Penh was created.

    Central Market (Phnom Penh)
    It was not until 1866, under the reign of King Norodom I, that Phnom Penh became the permanent seat of government, and the Royal Palace was built. This marked the beginning of the transformation of what was essentially a village into a great city with the French Colonialists expanding the canal system to control the wetlands, constructing roads and building a port.

    By 1920s, Phnom Penh was known as the pearl of Asia, and over the next four decades continued to experience growth with the building of a railway to Sihanoukville and the Pochentong International Airport.

    New View of Phnom Penh After Khmer Rouge Region:

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