Jul 1, 2011


Start Business in Cambodia

  • Jul 1, 2011
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  • If you are exploring for possibilities of opening a trading firm, representative office, establishing a joint venture with a Cambodian company, holding a meeting in Cambodia, inviting bids or tenders for your business or other forms of business in Cambodia, you are maybe coming to the right place.

    Opening a new business with proper documentations whether in your country or not, it won't be as easy, especially if you are at first time and have no contact at all. You need to be familiar with local and national rules, regulations, taxation system and ways of conducting businesses etc. And then imagine of opening a firm in a country that you don't speak a word of their language, have no legal basis and how or where to start. You will be wasting a lot of time and spending quite a lot on lodging, researching, and meeting before it leads to a successful mission or else to the dead end. This is where we are coming to play; we have been in Cambodia since August 1992 operating out of a computer business therefore it makes us one of the earliest since the country opened up and introduced a free market economy. We have extensive experiences and have built up so many contacts in government and private sectors. From these contacts and experiences, we can proceed with business opening faster and less headache.

    • Getting a company registered with relevant government institutions
    • Recommending suitable sites and acquiring it if necessary
    • Providing an advertising space in leading local newspapers (to hire staffs)
    • Meeting with a tax knowledgeable individual
    • Meeting with a legal knowledgeable individual
    • Offering business-related discussion
    • Providing office space (to interview prospective employees etc.)
    • Establishing a joint venture with Cambodian companies
    • Undertaking any business projects
    • Preparing and holding a conference in Cambodia
    • Inviting bids or tenders for particular business
    • Airport pickup and accommodation arrangement

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