Apr 19, 2011


New Update for Climate Change

  • Apr 19, 2011
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  • The impact of climate change on our environment, our economies and our security is one of the defining issues of our era. The OECD is at the forefront of climate change analysis, promoting environmentally and economically rational policies related to adaptation, mitigation, technology, financing and development. Click here for an overview of OECD's most recent work on climate change (free brochure). OECD work on climate change listed by policy area.
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    What's new

    Cities and carbon markets: press conference and round table event

    The OECD Environment Directorate and CDC Climat invite you to a conference on Cities and carbon markets, bringing together city officials from across France, on Tuesday 19 April in Paris. Speakers include J. Oliveira-Martins (OECD Regional Development), Bruno Charles (Vice President of Greater Lyons), Olivier Degos (Regional delegate for S.D., Council of Aqutaine). The event will be in French et CDC Climat headquarters.

    Cities and Carbon Market Finance

    This paper reviews 10 in–depth case studies of urban projects proposed and operating within the realm of Joint Implementation (JI) and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. Drivers of success for these projects are examined, and how to best tap the potential for carbon markets to offer increased levels of financial support for urban mitigation projects is explored.

    Financing Climate Change Action and Boosting Technology Change: Key messages and recommendations from current OECD work (new policy brief)

    Public and private financing for climate action will need to be scaled up significantly in the coming years. Indeed, the CancĂșn Agreements call on developed countries to provide new and additional resources for climate actions: USD 30 billion over 2010-2012 and a longer term goal of $100 billion per year by 2020. The OECD is ready to assist countries in their efforts to find lasting solutions to finance action on climate change, building on the long-standing work of the organisation to share country experiences and identify lessons learnt and policy recommendations for good practice.

    Cities central to climate change response

    Cities and metropolitan regional governments should play a more prominent role in defining the wider response to climate change. "Cities and Climate Change" confirms that urban areas use most of the world’s energy and are responsible for most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are at the same time highly vulnerable to the rising sea levels, warmer temperatures and destructive storms expected to result from climate change: by 2070, 150 million city-dwellers, producing 9% of global GDP in coastal cities, will be exposed to the full brunt of climate change.

    Fisheries and climate change: governments must plan for social and economic consequences

    Climate change will have social and economic effects on fisheries, fish stocks and coastal communities. Fisheries policymakers should develop strategies that include using rights-based management, protecting ecosystems, ending environmentally harmful subsidies, and focusing on aquaculture and demand for sustainably-caught seafood.

    A new brochure on the OECD work on Environment is available

    This brochure highlights the OECD work on Environment for 2011-2012, covering green growth, climate change, biodiversity, water, eco-innovation, chemical and bio-safety, resource efficiency.

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