Apr 22, 2011


National Strategic Development Plan of Royal Government of Cambodia

  • Apr 22, 2011
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  • The National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) has been formulated by the Ministry of Plan as a SMART  document by using the comprehensive Rectangular Strategy of the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) and by synthesising and prioritising various policy documents (SEDP, CMDGs, NPRS, the Governance Action Plan - including the Public Administration Reform (PAR), the Public Financial Management Reforms (PFMR) and other sector policies and strategies).

    The National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) is the single, overarching document containing RGCs' priority goals and strategies directs all public policy to the reduction of poverty and the achievement of other CMDG and other socio-economic development goals for the benefit of all Cambodians. It synthesizes and prioritizes the goals of the NPRS and the CMDG and is intended to align sector strategies and planning cycles to overall long term vision, as well as guide external development partners (EDP) to align and harmonize their efforts towards better aid-effectiveness and higher net-resources transfer than hitherto. There are 43 targets within the following major goals mentioned in NSDP:

         * Eradicate poverty and hunger,
         * Develop the agriculture sector and enhance agricultural production and productivity,
         * Implement the Education Sector Strategic Plan,
         * Implement the Health Sector Strategic Plan,
         * Implement population policies.
         * Further advance rural development,
         * Ensure environmental sustainability,
         * Promote gender equity,
         * Implement good governance reforms,
         * Sustain high macroeconomic growth,
         * Improve budget performance,
         * Accelerate industrial growth,
         * Further develop the private sector,
         * Increase trade (i.e. export),
         * Develop tourism,
         * Make progress in de-mining & provide victim assistance,
         * Rehabilitate the physical infrastructure,
         * Further develop the energy sector.
      The details of the different (sector) strategies are to be found in chapter 4 of the NSDP.
      The progress of NSDP will be annually reviewed and monitored. The NSDP Monitoring Framework was formulated in close consultation with MEF, SNEC, CRDB/CDC and other ministries and endorsed in June 2006. It mandates the monitoring and reporting of the progress of NSDP implementation especially of the 43 NSDP indicators. This requires timely and reliable official statistics to be provided by NIS and line ministries.
      In the first half of each of the forthcoming years an NSDP-Annual Progress Report (APR) will be prepared and submitted to the Council of Ministers for endorsement. The NSDP-APR will be the tool to readjust or redirect the NSDP for effective implementation. The NSDP-APR will also help to monitor resource alignment both of government and EDP resources and give policy recommendations how to achieve further progress in these different regards.

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