Apr 12, 2011


The Basic Element and Objective of Development

  • Apr 12, 2011
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  • Whatever the geographic location, culture, and historical stage of development of a society, there are at least three elements which are considered to constitute the "True" meaning of development.

    These are: 
    1- Life-sustenance: This refer to the people who have certain basic needs without which it would be impossible or very difficult to survive. These basic necessities include food, clothes, shelter, health care and security. When any of these are absent or in crit9cally short supply, we may state that a condition of 'absolute underdevelopment' exists. Provision of these 'life sustaining' requirements to everybody is a basic function of all economies whether they be capitalist, socialist, or mixed. In this sense, we may claim that economic growth is a necessary condition for the improvement of the 'quality of lite' which is development.

    2- Self respect: Every person and every nation seeks some basic form of self respect, dignity, or honour. Absence or denial of self esteem indicates a lack of development.

    3- Freedom: In this context freedom refers to political or ideological freedom and freedom from social servitude. As long as a society is bound by the servitude of men to nature, ignorance, other men, institutions, and dogmatic beliefs, it can't claim to have achieved the goal of development. Servitude in any form reflects a state of underdevelopment.

    The new economic view of development consider reduction or elimination of poverty, inequality and unemployment as an important index of development.

    While economic progress is an essential component of development, it is not the only one, as development is not purely an economic phenomenon. In an ultimate sense, it must encompass more than the material and financial side of people's lives.

    Objective of Development:

    All societies must have at least the following objectives irrespective of what development means to them.

    1- To increase the availability and widen the distribution of basic life sustaining articles such as food, clothes, shelter, health care, security and education...

    2- To raise standards of living, including, in addition to higher purchasing power, the provision of more jobs, better education, and greater attention to cultural and humanistic values.

    3- To expand the range of economic and social choice to individuals by freeing them from servitude and dependence.

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