Mar 2, 2011


What is project management team do?

  • Mar 2, 2011
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  • The Project Management Team (PMT) is coordinating the work and overlooking the progress of the project, checking that everything is done according to the rules (Commission and internal rules). The PMT is also in charge of resources, IP, knowledge and risk management and the follow up of the Grant Agreement (GA) and Consortium Agreement (CA), organising consortium and Executive Council meetings. The PMT is in constant interaction with the Coordinator and WP coordinators. The PMT also interacts with the scientific officer at the Commission.

    How to work effectively with your team?
    To work efficiently the PMT needs to be informed regularly when things happen. The PMT is there to help you! This means that if you face a problem (change of legal status, change of staff and legal signatory, financial questions, delay in achieving a deliverable etc) you should inform the PMT immediately as some decisions will have to me made: amendments of the Grant Agreement, discussion via the Coordinator with the European Commission and your administration for legal and financial issues, information of the EC Project Officer at the Commission and discussion within the WP for deliverables …

    Risk management is an important part of the work of the PMT: when things are going wrong we should be able to correct them as soon as possible

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