Mar 30, 2011


Step by Step Guide for Investment in Cambodia

  • Mar 30, 2011
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  • Investments Application Procedures
    We have streamlined our investment application procedures to make it easier for you to invest
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    The QIP application process from submission of Investment Proposal until obtaining a Final Registration Certificate (FRC) is shown in Table below (Article 7, “Amended Law on Investment”).
    QIP Application Process
    Party to Take Action
    Condition/ Remarks
    Submission of an Investment Proposal to the CDC or PMIS
    Use a completed Application Form*
    Payment of Application Fee of 7,000,000 Riels
    The CDC or PMIS
    1)      Issuance of  “Conditional Registration Certificate” (CRC)
    -     if the Investment Proposal contains all the information required, and
    -     if the proposed activity is not in the Negative List or not related to national interest/ environmental sensitivity
    To be Issued within 3 working days after submission of the Investment Proposal
    The CRC specifies the approvals, authorizations, clearances, licenses, permits or registrations required for the QIP to operate, as well as the government entities responsible to issue such approvals, etc.
    The CRC confirms the incentives to which the QIP is entitled and recognize the statutes of the legal entity.
    Letter of Non-Compliance shall clearly state the reasons why the Investment Proposal was not acceptable and the additional information required for enabling the CDC or PMIS to issue a CRC.
    2) Issuance of “Letter of Non-Compliance”
    -     If the Investment Proposal does not satisfy the above condition
    If a CRC or Letter of Non-Compliance is not issued within 3 working days, the CRC shall be considered automatically approved.
    The CDC or PMIS
    Obtains all of the licenses from relevant ministries-entities listed in the CRC on behalf of the Applicant.

    All government entities responsible for issuing an authorization, clearance, license, permit or registration listed on the CRC shall issue those no later than the 28th working day from the date of the CRC.
    Any government official who, without proper reason, fails to respond to an Applicant’s request by this deadline shall be punished by law.
    The CDC or PMIS
    Issuance of a “Final Registration Certificate” (FRC)
    To be issued within 28 working days of the issuance of the CRC. 
    The date of issuance of the FRC shall be the date of QIP commencement.
    Note: A sample of “Application Form”* is shown in ANNEX 2 of “Sub-Decree No.111 on the Implementation of the

    Investment Proposal
    CDC issues a conditional Registration Certificate to the Applicant
    Up to 3 working days
    Company Registration at Ministry of Commerce
    Relevant licenses, as appropriate from:
              −Ministry of Industry, Mines & Energy
              −Ministry of Tourism
              −Ministry of health
              −Ministry of Agriculture
              −Other Ministries according to the investment activity
    Review and approval of construction of plan etc by:
              −Local Authority / Ministry of Land Management
              −Urban Planning and Construction
    Initial environmental impact assessment by Ministry of Environment
    Tax Department Registration at Ministry of Economy and Commerce
    No more than 28 working days
    CDC issues a final Registration Certificate to the Applicant
    * Notes
    Provided that the project is not in areas in which investment is prohibited, CDC will accept the investment proposal and proceed as above Projects with certain attributes need to be submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval The CDC will obtain all the licenses from relevant ministries or other entities listed in the Conditional Registration Certificate on behalf of the applicant.? All government entities responsible for issuing authorizations, clearances, licenses, permits or registrations listed on the Conditional Registration Certificate will issue such documents no later than the 28th working day from the date of the Conditional Registration Certificate

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