Mar 10, 2011


How to feed your bees using a zip-lock?

  • Mar 10, 2011
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  • ( Boil water, and add sugar until the water will no longer dissolve the sugar. Let the syrup cool.

    Fill the zip-lock baggie and seal. Carry it out to your hive.
    I like to place my feeders in an empty box on top of the frames. This reserves the syrup to your own bees, and reduces the risk of robbing.

    After you have placed the baggie into the hive, use the scissors to snip a hole at the top of the baggie. As long as the cut is at the highest point, the syrup will not leak out. It will stay where it is until the bees come and take it.

    In a perfect world, we would always have all of the equipment on hand that we need. And, in the long run, it is cheaper to buy a proper feeder than it is to be always replacing the baggies. But, it is NOT a perfect world, and when the bees are hungry they need to be fed!

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