Feb 18, 2011


What is "Supervision"? What Do Supervisors Do?

  • Feb 18, 2011
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  • What is "Supervision"?

    There are several interpretations of the term "supervision", but typically supervision is the activity carried out by supervisors to oversee the productivity and progress of employees who report directly to the supervisors. For example, first-level supervisors supervise entry-level employees. Depending on the size of the organization, middle-managers supervise first-level supervisors, chief executives supervise middle-managers, etc. Supervision is a management activity and supervisors have a management role in the organization.

    What Do Supervisors Do?

    Supervision of a group of employees often includes

    1. Conducting basic management skills (decision making, problem solving, planning,
         delegation and meeting management)

    2. Organizing their department and teams

    3. Noticing the need for and designing new job roles in the group

    4. Hiring new employees

    5. Training new employees

    6. Employee performance management (setting goals, observing and giving feedback,
         addressing performance issues, firing employees, etc.)

    7. Conforming to personnel policies and other internal regulations 

    *Approach to Risk Management                                    

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