Feb 22, 2011


Rural Market Development:

  • Feb 22, 2011
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  • The rural sector is the backbone of developing country’s economy. The performance of agriculture is tied up with the well being of rural population. The efficient marketing system is essential for increasing agricultural productivities, ensuring better returns for the growers and meeting requirement of the consumers. The existing marketing system has many imperfections, which reduce farmer’s profitability. The following measures will be taken to improve marketing system in the developing country:

    -         The existing region/federal, provincial and local marketing institutions will be strengthened in order to enable them to collect, analyze, forecast and disseminate accurate, reliable, consistent and timely information/data on prices and demand for various commodities.

    -         The formation of growers associations and marketing cooperatives will be encouraged for collective handing of marketing operations.

    -         Product related specifications and standards would be developed for agricultural commodities to meet the requirement for export as well as local markets so as to enhance acceptability trade, undertake contract/corporate farming and provide institutional credit to the farmers.

    -         Agriculture marketing companies will be provided regulatory support to enhance their role in setting up marketing and storage infrastructure, engage in commodity trade, undertake contract/corporate farming and provide institutional credit to the farmers.

    -         Private sectors will be inducted in the establishment of cool chain, distribution and modern storage system for perishable and non perishable commodities for local/external markets and to provide the farmers with options of marketing their produce.

    -         Markets will be linked with producing areas by constructing farm to market roads.

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