Jan 28, 2011


Chinese New Year 2011 "The Year of Rabbit"

  • Jan 28, 2011
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  • Do you have plan on Chinese New Year in 2011, my Chinese New Year in 2011 is to have deep understanding in Chinese Culture and travel with ma special to country side in Cambodia, and take it into daily life to culture my lifestyle and body! This New Year calendar is the year of RABBIT. Rabbit Year 2011 is considered with regard to the characteristics of those born during Rabbit Years. Influences of the 5 Elements upon these individuals are outlined and some general recommendations made before well-known links between longevity, Rabbits and this fourth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac are discussed.

    Rabbit! Rabbit!!! In 2011 this year, the Chinese believe one should spend time quietly meditating over the last 12 years and planning for the next 12–the exact opposite of the Western notion of wild birthdate celebrations– instead a very quiet year spent focusing on self-review is indicated. You should avoid/put-off digging trenches, building foundations or laying drains i.e. major undertakings such as moving house (which would distract from this). I’m an Ox did this in Ox Year 2009, finding it a most useful experience.

    Combining the 12 Animal and 5 Elemental Cycles gives 60 as a figure to consider and Rabbits reaching this key age in 2011 may be particularly well-advised to undergo this rewarding exercise. Year Animal/ Element birth combinations repeat after 60 years (hence the importance of self-review at this time) and if we add in the Yin/Yang dimensions of these calculations we get 120 asa figure to contemplate. The Chinese believe living in harmony with nature and the universe enables such lifespans and the 12 Animals and 5 Elements plus their Yin/Yang attributions represent these forces.

    Rabbits gazing at the next full Moon should (like the Chinese) see themselves, (a Rabbit), there, standing under a tree, paw holding the elixir of life. From their reproduction rate, there’s never going to be a world rabbit shortage! Thus the rabbit is a Chinese longevity symbol– its lunar location emphasises this via links to the reproductive cycle. The 5 Elements, the 12 Animals.their Yin/Yang associations and longevity are all good subjects to meditate on during Rabbit Year 2011.

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