Dec 31, 2010


Cambodia: Corruption Form in Education Sector

  • Dec 31, 2010
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  • In Cambodia, there are so many form of CORRUPTION in various sectors. Education sector is one of the other main sector that work for strengthen human development index in the country. It's true, in order to develop growth, we need human resource, technology, money.... unfortunately, Cambodia education system are really need to strengthen. 

    In the public school, the student "schoolboys and schoolgirls" are required to buy candy or cakes from their teachers during study time, or to buy gifts and facilitate end year party for their teachers. And students have been forced to buy lessons and pay daily supplementary tutoring to teachers, especially the students need to pay money to their teacher in order to get good scores. Despite asking money from student in schools, while taking exam or passing certificate

    This is the main problem that make an effort of human development and education curriculum unsuccessful.

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