Nov 22, 2010


Cambodia prepares to hand out 450,000 condoms during water festival

  • Nov 22, 2010
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  • The official report from National Aids Authority was mentioned that Cambodia was preparing 450,000 condoms during annual water festival that was start on Saturday.

    The main target for condoms to be hand outs will be the boaters, their companions, and other considered risk people who are flocking into the city. The aids statistic count as of June this year were shown that, there were 40,039 people living with HIV/AIDS who received the anti- retroviral drugs, among them 3,881 were children. 

    New estimates show that HIV prevalence among adults aged 15 to 49 has decreased to an estimated 0.7 percent in 2009 from 2 percent in 1998. According to the government report, in 2002, there were 250 Cambodians received ARV, 1,700 people in 2003 and 8,500 in 2005. Nearly everyone who is HIV positive is receiving the AIDS treatment they need due the efforts of the Royal Government of Cambodia and its development partners.

    For this year, 420 boats were registered for the boat race and the boaters are numbered at 27,734, according to National Committee for National and International Festivals and 4,000,000-5,000,000 of citizens, including foreign tourists and peasants from various provinces gather in the capital to join with celebration. School will close, and most workers go on vacation. Moreover, certain roads near the river are blocked against motor traffic, allowing the thousands of celebrants to walk among the streets, sampling the festival's entertainments.

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