Nov 11, 2010


643 dead by Cholera in Haiti capital

  • Nov 11, 2010
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  • Decades of poverty, environmental degradation, violence, instability and dictatorship have left it as the poorest nation in the Americas.

    In recently, the outbreak erupted in the Artibonite River valley in central Haiti in mid October and initially seemed to have contained, but the toll from the chronic diarrheal diseases has since soared to 643 dead and just under 10,000 people being treated in the hospital. "This cause by Hiati people living with poverty and lack of sanitation"

    Haitian authorities have been warned to prepare for the worst if cholera speads in the Capital which is largely in ruins after earthquake in January which killed more than 250,000 Haitian.

    Haitian Health Minstry chief of staff Ariel Henry mentioned on Tuesday that there was no large scale outbreak in Port au Prince for the moment but warned: "It's coming now."

    The UN Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that the cholera cases in Haiti are expected to continue to rise in recent weeks, whre almost 10,000 people have been treated and 643 confirmed dead.

    1770 - Earthquake devastates Port-au-Prince
    1842 - Quake destroys Cap-Haitien, other cities
    1935 - Storm kills 2,000
    1946 - Tsunami kills 1,790
    1954 - Hurricane Hazel kills hundreds
    1963 - Hurricane Flora kills 6,000 in Haiti and Cuba
    1994 - Hurricane Gordon kills hundreds
    1998 - Hurricane Georges destroys 80% of crops
    2004 - Floods kill 2,600
    2004 - Tropical Storm Jeanne kills 1,900
    2007 - Tropical Storm Noel triggers mudslides, floods
    2008 - Three hurricanes and tropical storm kill 800
    2010 - Quake hits Port-au-Prince, killing tens of thousands
    Sources: AP, US Geological Survey

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