Oct 19, 2010


Cambodia Utilizes Space Technology for Disaster Risk Management

  • Oct 19, 2010
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  • The ministry of land management and Asian disaster reduction center of Japan on Monday hosted the seminar on utilizing the space technology for disaster risk management in a move to strengthen the natural disaster control.

    “This workshop shall bring to all participants technology in obtaining new and up to data and information through utilizing data which are received from the satellite for the disaster management,” Im Chun Lim, minister of land management said in ceremony.

    “it also will obtain the additional knowledge on space technology and use it for the preparation of geographical data with high quality which can be used as a basis to prepare strategic planning as well as for the betterment of decision making in the socio-economic development as well as for the impacts for disasters,” he added.

    He added that the workshop to day is on utilization of space technology for disaster risk management which is a current global issue for all countries in world. Current climate change has caused a series of disaster and brought many difficulties to the livelihood and possession as well as on the economies.

    “even though Cambodia has never have experience of earthquake, drought and flooding are types of the disasters which have occurred frequently such flooding from rainwater during these few days for example, “he said.

    He stresses that disaster risk management is a task which is difficult to foresee. However preparation of various measures for that disater reduction is the task which we all can do through utilization of space technology and through our contribution in the context of country or in the form of regional cooperation such as ASEAN or globally.

    He continued that assurance of those disaster risk reduction means we can contribution to the guarantee of sustainable socio- economic development and poverty reduction of the people which is the goal of the government.

    At the same time, expert Lal Samarakoon said that most of the countries find the year 2010 is a cool year experience lots of rain. Asia Pacific region is prone to a wide variety of natural disasters.

    Lal added as you are aware, we are facing dramatic changes in our global weather pattern, he added. According to the report said that between 1975 and 2006, our region has experienced 37 per cent of world disasters and 44 per cent of world economic losses.

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