Sep 10, 2010


"Going Fishing"

  • Sep 10, 2010
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  • Are you getting bored with your life in the office, school, friends and other things?  If so, then there is nothing better than a fishing trip on the banks of the sea or river outside of the town and breathes the fresh air, as well as you can make friends with new people who are interested in fishing as you and sitting with them and a few fishing poles in the evening after work really help to get closer with those we know. Besides going to the usual fishing spots on the riverside or seaside, you can also travel to other resorts outside of the town that also offer fishing opportunities. For USD 2.00 an hour, you have a chance to catch a lot of fish with a heavy weigh, as well as enjoy a picnic of food and drink brought from home. As you sit on the quiet water waiting for the fish to bite, you will feel the stress slide away and your friends or family will applaud you if you manage to land a fish.

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